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Don’t get lost in the scroll: We help brand-conscious luxury D2C companies with creative strategy and high-quality ad production.

We get it. It's hard out there.

Too Little Creative
Do you have enough high-quality creative to test while scaling ad campaigns?
Brand vs. Performance
Are you maintaining your brand while prioritizing performance?
Fresh Ideas
Are you standing out in a crowded market where competitors use similar ad formats and visuals?
Managing Freelancers
Are you stuck coordinating unreliable freelancers + non-performance-oriented photographers/videographers?
Performance Analysis
Are you measuring your creative performance and reacting quickly to winning formats?
Balancing Budget
Are you spreading your creative budget thin between studio shoots, new team hires, and creator fees?

We are a boutique ad creative studio founded by luxury fashion and interior experts sonia Trehan & Kathy Kunz       Our mission is to provide d2c brands with captivating creative that cuts through the noise      

     we specialize in visually stunning productions with a strategic approach

Your brand is beautiful       but your ads aren't?

We work with aesthetic brands across:

- beauty
- homecare
- skincare
- accessories
- health and wellness
They trust us:
our portfolio
our portfolio
our portfolio
our portfolio
our portfolio
our portfolio

We can help you with

We deliver a structured process from beginning to end –  using best practice naming conventions and a designated Google drive space.
Creative Strategy
Art direction
Alternate hooks
raw footage
Ad cut downs
Content Creation
Creative Mixology
remix existing footage
reshoot best-performing "ugly" ads
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behind the name
Caro/cara means “dear” in Italian. It conveys the sense of being highly valued – precious, even. And that’s what Sonia and Kathy are to each other. Their bond is the foundation of their business and the cornerstone for creating content that excels. It is an ethos that extends to the way they wish to work with clients – building long-lasting relationships based on trust and respect.

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